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123.hp.com --- Printer Models


HP Envy

HP Envy with its sophisticated and polished façade is a home printer that assimilates characteristics like color print, copy, scan, photos and wifi support, along with automatic duplex printing and cloud printing.Driver Can be downloaded from 123.hp.com

HP Officejet

Officejet pools horde of features which are indispensable for office necessities. This high speed, hassle-free printer is best suited for both small office and home office to achieve professional quality printing. Another attraction is the reasonable pricing.  Driver can be downloaded from 123.hp.com


HP Deskjet

At an inexpensive price and combination of primary features like printing, scanning and copying, HP Deskjet is the ideal bet for small offices and businesses. It keeps printing simple and uncomplicated.

HP Laserjet

Laserjet is a prudently constructed high speed multifunctional printer with up-to-date features that guarantees unobstructedprinting and ultimate quality output. Ideal for companies that demandmulti-functionality and generous color printing


Steps for 123 HP ePrint Setup

HP eprint is a technique that provides nyou to print your documents from any part of the world provided that you have acces to your web.also know that your printer should be enabled with  eprint.

enable eprint

get your web services on your hp printer to enable HP eprint

web service setup:

click -> set up

click accept to receive the HP terms of use and to enable your web service

to enable HP eprint

assure that you setup your web services

you can find the printers email address on the web services summary by cvlicking on the HP eprint icon  on the home screen

you can send the document copy to be printed from your computer or from any other computer to your prnter email address.

Steps for 123 HP AirPrint Setup

AirPrint connects with eprint wirelessly that is enabled with your HP printer and to your iPad or iPhone ,iPod touch with the apple IOS v4.2 and with all latest versions of OS.

your printer and apple IOS devices should be connected to the same wireless network

Download Apple Airprint to your IOS device from the i-store.

note down your wireless Network name SSID(Service Set Identifier) and your password.

The credentials are important to connect printer and the IOS device to the wireless device

Open any Document and tap AirPrint APP

open the AirPrint and go to the Printer option

select the network that your connected to and tap to print the Document

now that becomes easy to print documents like email,application and photos from your IOS device

you can also range of your page.

Steps for 123 HP Cloud Print setup

Your Printer can be connected to the Web by using Google Cloud Print service.

how to connect your PRINTER?

your Printer is capable of connecting directly to the web but make sure it is HP eprint capable.

use the Google Chrome browser

open the chrome://devices in a new tab

check whether your device is listed under My Devices

if it is already is connected then it is understood that it is registered to Google Cloud Print.

click the Register option and print a Document as your confirmation page if it is listed under New Device.

you may also be requested to complete the registration using the printer control panel.

if the printer is not connected to the network then your printer will not be listed in the My Devices.

you can also connect your printer using your email address.

Steps for 123 HP Printer Windows 10 Support

you should connect your HP printer and your windows 10 computer to the same network either wired or wireless.

After connecting your Windows 10 computer to the same network using your wifi settings,open a document or a file that you wanted to print and select the Print icon.

you can select your printer in the print preview screen which appears after selecting the above option.you can also change any printer options if necessary.

once you have done,click print.

If your document fails to get printed then,

poor network.

Power saving mode is ON.

Printer is OFF.

select the network that your connected to and tap to print the Document

now that becomes easy to print documents like email,application and photos from your IOS device

you can also range of your page.

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Effortless and straight-forward methods of installation of software and drivers for the cutting-edge devices available in the market.

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Printer driver concerns.Printer setup-hardware obstacles.Incompatibility of software, device etc.Unsettled or un-established driverproblems.Network complications leading to connectivity issues.Unforeseen loss of printer connection.Rectification of malwareto safeguard printer driver files.



Cloud Print technique helps users print to compatible printers over the web regardless of location.

Airprint Setup

HP ePrint Setup

Google Cloud Print Setup

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